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    Default Installing Microchip Drivers for 18F2550 USB-Pic Bootloader

    Okay quick run down of how to install the drivers for the Microchip Bootloader.

    First download the drivers that are attached to this post.

    Then extract them to your local hard drive and run the pic32mx_usb_v1.04.exe installer.

    Accept the default install location of C:\pic32_solutions for now.

    Next Plugin the 18F2550 Interface into the computer and press the bottom button of the interface and while keeping it held down, press the top reset button.
    This will put the interface into bootloader mode and it should fail when installing drivers.

    Now goto Manage Computer and then select devices, you should see an unknown device listed:

    As below next Right Click the unknow device and choose:
    Update Driver Software

    On the Next box choose:
    Browse my computer for Driver Software

    Navigate to:
    Click the OK button

    On the next screen:
    Click the Next button

    Now you should see the Sucess Screen!

    The Microchip Custom USB Device should now show.

    On one machine here I did have another unknown driver appear after I did the following install, so I repeated it again pointing at the pic32_solutions folder.

    Also if you find your driver will not start right click on the Microchip Custom USB device and choose uninstall driver and delete driver option.

    Now restart your computer and try re-installing it again.


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